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Digital Family TV Plus High Speed Internet 60 Mbps

  • 230+ digital channels, Music, local channels, and more!
  • Thousands of FREE On Demand titles
  • Free Total Defense Internet Security Suite
  • FREE HD + In Home WiFi + Internet Security
  • Channel Lineup
Only:$79.98*a month
for 12 months

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Mediacom Cable TV Current Promotions:
FamilyTV & Internet 60
$79 .98* a month
for 12 months

*Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $9.87 to $14.83, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.48 to $6.24, and other monthly charges* (activation and installation fees apply)

  • Internet download speeds up to 60 Mbps*
  • Up to 5 Mbps* Upload
  • In-Home WiFi included
  • 170 TV & Music Channels

Call Now: 1-800-790-8187 Mediacom

Current Local Plus TV Customer
Upgrade to Family TV
$30 .00* a month
for 12 months

*Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $9.87 to $14.83, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.48 to $6.24, and other monthly charges* (activation and installation fees apply)

  • Mediacom Family TV for $30.00 a month for 12 months
  • 170 TV & Music Channels FREE HD
  • Includes 1 Digital Receiver
  • Local Plus TV Required

Call Now: 1-800-790-8187 Mediacom

Xtream 100 Silver
$99 .98* a month
for 12 months

*Plus local broadcast station surcharges ranging from $9.87 to $14.83, regional sports surcharges ranging from $1.48 to $6.24, and other monthly charges* (activation and installation fees apply)

  • Internet Download speeds Up to 100 Mbps*
  • The Fastest in-home Wi-Fi
  • 170 TV & Music Channels with FREE HD
  • TiVo ® DVR Service
  • TiVo DVR single room service
  • Thousands of FREE On Demand titles
  • Unlimited nationwide calling + 16 calling features
  • 30 Minutes/mo of International Calling1

Call Now: 1- 800- 790- 8187 Mediacom

ORDER by phone, please call 1-800-790-8187 Call Center in USA(English/Español)

90 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customers in good standing who are not 100% satisfied with any Mediacom service may disconnect during the first 90 days and, upon request, receive a full refund of monthly recurring service and equipment rental fee(s) actually paid.

On-Time Guarantee

Mediacom will arrive at your home for an installation or service appointment within the scheduled period, or you will receive a $20 credit off your monthly bill.

Mediacom Cable TV

If you want digital television with clear pictures and enhanced sounds on popular cable networks and commercial-free movie and music channels, you want Prime TV. It includes many extras at no charge, like an interactive On-Screen Guide, HD channels and On Demand programming. Once you have Prime TV, it's easy to add more favorites, like premium channels, DVR and extra digital channel packages with popular networks like NFL Network.

Mediacom Music Channels

Up to 46 channels of Music Choice commercial-free music channels.

Mediacom On Demand

Enjoy your favorite programs and movies on your own schedule! Start, pause and rewind at will with a click of your remote digital cable. 7,000 free On Demand shows every month and access to new movies and pay-per-view and sports specials. With Mediacom's On Demand TV, you get instant access to the program you want to watch, when you want to see. No waiting for downloads necessary, unlike satellite.

Mediacom Free HD

With an HDTV, you can experience stunning images and clear sound in many of your favorite stations, and it's all free. Our main line includes HD and favorite classified networks, as well as plenty of titles On Demand at no extra charge. We are adding new channels all the time. If you have an HDTV set, Mediacom will upgrade your Mediacom receiver to an HD receiver for no charge.

Mediacom TV Only Packages

While many people choose to take their digital TV package as part of a bundle with broadband and calls many just want a TV package and nothing more. Fortunately, whatever it is you want from a digital TV only package, there are some great options for you to consider.

What are the benefits of TV only?

The most obvious benefit of a TV only deal is that you pay for exactly what you want, and nothing more. With the right TV only deal you'll get a great selection of TV channels without having to pay for anything else that you simply don’t want or need.

Mediacom Communications

Mediacom provides cable, Internet and digital phone service in smaller markets in 23 states in the Midwest and South for the most part. Its main markets include the major metropolitan areas of Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Missouri. Mediacom provides cable service to more than 1.2 million customers, over half of which subscribe to its digital cable service. The company also has more than 775,000 customers broadband Internet subscribers and 290,000 digital phone on - a number that continues to grow.

Broadband, TV and Phone

There's a lot to be said for subscribing to a triple bundle of TV, Internet and Phone packages from Mediacom. You can order everything you need in one quick and easy transaction, you’ll get all of your charges on a single bill each month and there's a good chance that you’ll be able to save some money.
There are a wide range of broadband deals bundled with TV and phone packages on offer from the very biggest names in the business. Some bundles put the emphasis on one aspect of the TV, broadband & phone calls packages while others offer the very highest level of functionality and features across the board.
There can be a lot to take in when you want to compare the best TV, broadband and phone deals, but the most logical place to start is by finding out exactly which bundles are available where you live.

Mediacom Availability

The availability of different phone, TV and broadband packages can vary from one area to another. This is due to a number of factors including the cost and time it takes to roll out some services, such as faster broadband packages and cable TV to new areas. Therefore the smartest place to start your search for the best TV, phone and broadband package is by checking which providers and bundles are actually available in your area.

Start with our TV, broadband and phone check availability at the top of this page. Once you enter your home phone or your service address click “Check Availability” we’ll be able to show you exactly what is available where you live, what each bundle would cost you as well as give you a good idea of the actual speed you’ll be able to expect from Mediacom broadband service.

Mediacom Cable TV, broadband and phone packages & prices

The cost of each bundle reflects the level of service that each contains in terms broadband, TV and phone. As a general rule the very cheapest bundles will include an entry-level package of each service. This means that the included broadband package may not be as fast as others, or it may have a lower monthly download allowance, the TV package may have a reduced number of channels.

Build your own Mediacom bundle

If none of the pre-packaged bundles offer exactly what you want then some providers give you the option to build your own bundle of TV, broadband and phone packages.
The beauty of building your own bundle is that you can choose exactly which up to speed of broadband you want, how many TV channels you'd like, which set-top box you’ll get, what inclusive calls you'll get. In fact, you can build a bundle any way you like to completely reflect your needs, tastes and budget.

*Video only (Non Customer): Price does not include installation, activation fee, Sports/Broadcast surcharges, taxes, fees and other charges.

*Video only (Current Customer):Price does not include installation, Sports/Broadcast surcharges, taxes, fees and other charges.

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